Ometepe Island

The island of Ometepe is a lush and tropically forested UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America. Selvista Guesthouses is a perfect base for your adventures around this majestic island of twin volcanoes.

Map of Ometepe
Map of the island (click to enlarge)

Things to Do Near Selvista

From the Selvista property, you can embark ON FOOT to:

  • Tour the 2.5-acre Selvista farm property (40 minutes) -- FREE with your stay
  • Tour the 22-acre Project Bona Fide property (2-3 hours)
  • Walk 10 minutes to Finca Magdalena to visit the coffee harvesting area, old hacienda, hostel/restaurant, and entrance for hiking trails
  • Walk 15 minutes into the town of Balgüe to visit local restaurants & bars, shop for basic groceries (Spanish recommended), or catch a public bus to Ojo de Agua or other parts of the island
  • Walk 25 minutes to Café Campestre, the #1 restaurant on Ometepe
  • Go on a guided hike to island petroglyphs and the Jerusalem waterfall in Las Cuchillas (5-6 hours)
  • Go trail running through the shaded cloud forest of the Maderas volcano
  • Hike partway up the extinct Maderas volcano to the "mirador" lookout point (3-4 hours)
  • Hike all the way up Maderas to the lagoon crater with a certified local guide (8 hours)
  • Take a short bus ride across the isthmus to hike to the crater of the active Concepción volcano with a certified local guide (10 hours)
  • Treat yourself to a holistic massage, right in your Selvista house in the tranquility of the jungle!

Holistic massage

Things to Do Around the Island

Local businesses in our town of Balgüe offer taxi rides and bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, & ATV rentals to enable you to explore other parts of the island, where you can:

  • Hike to the 55-meter waterfall from the town of San Ramón -- no guide needed
  • Take a guided kayaking tour (3 hours) from Caballito de Mar in Mérida
  • Visit Ojo de Agua, a natural springs swimming hole in Santo Domingo
  • Relax on the long, sandy beaches of Santa Cruz and Santo Domingo
  • Visit the ecological reserve of Charco Verde, which includes a tranquil lagoon and flora/fauna areas
  • Visit the "El Ceibo" museum near San José del Sur, featuring over 1,500 pre-Columbian artifacts and a historical currency collection of over 800 items, one of the largest in Nicaragua
  • Drive the "loop" around one volcano (or the "figure 8" around both) to see all sides of the island

See the Activities Directory for contact information for recommended local providers.

Contact us if you have any general questions about things to see and do during your stay.