How to Get Here

The Selvista farm is located in the town of Balgüe, on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua:

Selvista Guesthouses
From the Balgüe River Bridge, 500 meters East
At the entrance of Finca Bona Fide
Balgüe, Rivas

By Land/Boat

Traveling from the mainland (San Jorge) to the Selvista farm takes between 2 to 2.5 hours. You will need to:

  1. Go to the port town of San Jorge, a 5-minute drive outside the city of Rivas. You can arrange mainland taxi rides with a recommended driver; see the Activities Directory.
  2. Next, take a ferry (fits several cars) or "lancha" (smaller, passengers-only boat) to Ometepe. The boats leave every 30-60 minutes throughout the day, with the LAST ferry to the island leaving San Jorge at 5:45pm. See the Ferry Schedule.
    • Boats go to either of two ports on the island: Moyogalpa (actual town with ATMs, cafés, etc) or San José (10-15 min closer to Balgüe, but no town).
    • On Sundays: Ferry I does not run all day, and the lanchas do not run in the afternoon. The other ferries run on normal schedule.
    • If you're coming in your own rental car, please contact us so we can reserve a ferry spot for your car to and from the island!***
  3. After arriving on Ometepe, take a bus, taxi, or scooter/motorcycle/ATV rental to the town of Balgüe. (45 min - 1 hr 30 min)
    • Bus: There are direct buses from Moyogalpa to Balgüe at 10:30am and 3:45pm that take around 1 hr 30 min. Other buses to Balgüe leave from Altagracia; you must first take a bus there from Moyogalpa, which leave at least once per hour throughout the day. See the Bus Schedule.
    • Taxi: You can organize island taxi rides (40-50 min) with a recommended driver in a sturdy 4x4 vehicle to the Selvista property; see the Activities Directory. If you find your own taxi/shuttle upon arrival, ask to go to "Finca Bona Fide" in Balgüe; the Bona Fide farm is more well-known and shares a farm entrance with Selvista Guesthouses.
  4. Once you reach Balgüe, continue on the main road through most of town, until reaching the point where the paved road changes to gravel. From there, continue 50m and then you'll see the farm entrance on the right side marked by a "Finca Bona Fide" sign on the right and a "Selvista" sign on the left (look for the reflective tape at night). Enter the farm and go up this path, following the "Selvista" signs at the two forks in the road (about an 8-min walk, or 4x4 taxis will take you all the way up). The houses are signposted from the car-park. Make a note of your house name and key access number before you arrive.

*** If you are coming in your own rental car, you will need a reservation for the ferry! The sooner, the better -- ideally at least 1 week in advance in high tourist season (Nov-May). You can make a reservation by calling the specific ferry and giving your name & approximate size of your car (small/large). We can happily arrange this for you if need be; please let us know.

*** Please DO NOT follow directions on Google Maps- the location pin is correct but our private driveway is not a recognised road and therefore the directions will take you up to Finca Magdalena. Instead follow the signs on the road. You will need to continue through the town of Balgue, over the bridge (Puente Bague, signposted) and take the next right. There are signposts for Selvista (look out for the reflective tape at night!) and Bona Fide at the side of the road next to the driveway. ***

By Air

On Thursdays and Sundays, there are domestic flights to/from Ometepe via La Costeña airlines:

  • Managua (12:00pm) to Ometepe (12:20pm)
  • Aérodromo de San Juan de Nicaragua, Greytown (1:35pm) to Ometepe (2:35pm)
  • Aérodromo de San Carlos (2:15pm) to Ometepe (2:35pm)
  • Ometepe (2:45pm) to Managua (3:05pm)
  • Ometepe (12:30pm) to Aérodromo San Carlos (12:45pm)
  • Ometepe (12:30pm) to Aérodromo de San Juan de Nicaragua, Greytown (1:25pm)

A ticket costs around US$45-75 per person, depending on the flight. The Ometepe airport is located 5 minutes south of Moyogalpa, a 45-minute drive from the Selvista property. Visit for more info.